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Water heater is one of the most important and familiar household items. The water that comes from outsides in your home through pipe is cold or cool by nature. The coolness increases in colder months. But, to get a warm bath, to use water in dishwasher or washing machine you need hot water and water heater provides that to you. There are various types of water heater available in the market but the most simple and widely used heater is a pretty simple appliance. It is a metallic drum filled with water and equipped with heating mechanism on the bottom or inside. When you want to install a new water heater at your home, you should keep certain things in mind.

Are You in Need of a New Water Heater?

Before installing a new water heater after replacing an old one, think twice whether you really need a new one because the average lifespan of a water heater is 8-12 years. Replacing water heater, that can be repaired easily, will be a costly and unnecessary thing for you. For this matter, consult an experienced plumber whether you need a new one or old one will do. Check the warranty period of the model.

Determine the Size:

The second most important thing is that the size of your water heater. There are water heaters available in the market of different sizes. The size of the heater that fits your neighbor may not fit you. Keep in mind the size of your home and basement, the number of people using the water at one time, etc. An average family of four will need comparatively much more water than a family of two. To determine the best size of your water heater better consult a professional plumbing expert. He can help you in this matter.

Gas Water Heater or Electric Water Heater:

There are two types of water heater. Some water heaters are operated by electricity and some are gas water heater. Buy according to your choice and of course budget. While replacing the old one by a new heater, be sure you are picking the same type of heater. If earlier one was a gas water heater, after replacing that, the new one will also be gas water heater.

Conventional Type or Tankless:

There are two major classifications of water heater – conventional one and the tankless water heater. The later one is slightly expensive. If you install them, you have to pay more initially, but overtime you will save money as this type of heater saves energy. So in the long run, tankless water heater is the best. But, it is always better to consult an experienced plumber before buying a water heater.

Go For Energy Efficient Model:

Before buying a new one try to understand how energy efficient your water heater is. New model and especially the tankless water heater have energy saving options. In some states you may get huge discount if you buy an energy saving heater.

While installing or replacing you water heater with a new one always take the help of an experienced and professional plumber. These are expensive appliances and need professional intervention for their installation. It is not just about the durability and continuous running of the appliance, it is also about the safety of your family members as well. A professional plumber of reputed company may give you lifetime warranty. This warranty may save your money and a headache in future.